By: Eugene Pradas

Within the extensive exercise by the Telecom Industry’s leading association GLF to combat the industry’s fraud situation, BTS was recently certified as compliant in the GLF Code of Conduct research analysis which measures an Operator’s skills and systems to fight against fraud.

As part of GLF’s Global Code of Conduct attestation process, BTS scored as one of the top operators in addressing the criteria of the 6 principles associated to manage the handling of potential fraud situations which are Target, Processes, Destinations, Payment Flows, Reporting and Contracting. This process was done independently by the GLF organization and it assesses carrier’s systems, processes and policies against agreed benchmarks.

The purpose of the formal attestation process is to help the Code of Conduct signatories to assure they have the necessary capabilities and systems in place to comply with the principle of the Code of Conduct. It also provides third parties an independent verification of the carrier’s capabilities to actively address fraud prevention by monitoring and reporting on fraudulent activity and in taking the steps to react accordingly.

Fraud prevention is a crucial consideration that telecom players need to prioritize as technology evolves and digitization expands globally. Experts estimate that telecommunications fraud crime costs over $17 billion in the Global Wholesale arena.

Our Fraud Prevention system uses cutting edge technology combined with Artificial Intelligence capabilities and Big Data to address potentially fraudulent activity in real time by following a series of pre-determined metrics which alert and block suspicious calls with in-depth ongoing analysis focused on traffic patterns, market intelligence and user behavior analysis. Our emphasis on technology and process automation has allowed our Fraud Team the ability to analyze the manipulation of A & B numbers, call stretching and OBR activity which has taken center stage for fraudsters.

Service Providers require a partner that can block fraudulent traffic in real time to proactively identify and prevent fraud attempts before they can cause damage. This protects them from revenue losses with 24/7 network detections and mitigates the impacts of fraud instances. When it comes to protecting customers’ revenues within an increasingly complex integrated landscape, solution deployment is essential.

Combating fraud not only results in better performance and results but also assures improvement in our customer experience offering by providing the confidence and reliability our customers depend upon.