Miami, 19 December 2023 – In a strategic move to enhance its Cloud Communications offering, BTS, a forefront player in innovative telecommunications solutions, announces the acquisition of Kinecdid Networks, a New Jersey-based leader and pioneer in providing scalable-capacity global virtual numbering services to customers since January 2007.

This strategic acquisition marks a pivotal step for BTS in solidifying its standing in the global cloud communications arena, capitalizing on Kinecdid Networks’ proven track record, its complementary focus in the Caribbean and Latin American markets, and highly automated provisioning and configuration capabilities.

With BTS’ integration of Kinecdid Networks as part of this transaction, BTS is pleased to welcome Cliff Radziewicz and his team. Cliff brings a wealth of executive and business development experience to the BTS team.

Cliff’s unique blend of vision and operational expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the success of this strategic move, further enhancing BTS’s Cloud Communications capabilities. His extensive industry background of accelerating corporate growth through a combination of organic means and market transactions, including his more than 15-year tenure as the Founder and CEO of Kinecdid Networks, adds a valuable dimension to BTS.

Unlocking the potential of untapped markets through direct licensing 

BTS places a strong emphasis on securing direct local licensing for virtual numbers, a strategy aimed at ensuring exceptional quality and operational flexibility. Building upon its established Cloud Numbering offering, BTS integrates Kinecdid Networks’ product suite and extensive coverage across 150+ countries, comprising 20000+ coverage options, and long-standing, trusted partnerships with local and tier 1 telecom operators. 

Kinecdid Networks allows businesses to easily expand their international presence and simplify their operation through a portfolio of services including inbound or bi-directional virtual numbers, geographic, national, mobile, and toll-free options, along with local number portability where available. Additionally, Kinecdid Networks offers flexible concurrent call capacity allowing for dynamic channel sharing among groups of numbers and dedicated extra capacity for individual numbers.  

BTS’ Virtual Numbering Platform: Streamlined Management for Global Reach

BTS’ cloud communications solution showcases the BTS Virtual Numbering Platform, a dynamic solution developed by experts at the BTS Innovation Hub.

By leveraging APIs, the platform can be easily integrated into any environment, providing access to real-time information on rates, coverage, and regulations and allowing for order automation. Featuring a user-friendly interface, the platform incorporates reporting tools and dashboards, including real-time traffic statistics and revenue and cost forecasts.

This tailored solution aims to offer a practical tool to navigate the complexities of global expansion, ensuring efficient global communications management and providing operational ease and flexibility for businesses expanding internationally.