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A Journey of Innovation through People, Technology, and Data Intelligence.

Episode #0

Introducing ‘BTS Tech Talks‘, a series where we explore the evolving telecom and enterprise communications landscape, facing the dual challenge of innovation and security in the Digital Age. 

Join us on the BTS journey of empowering communication and watch as we shed light on the expertise and vision that drive our success.

Episode #1

In today’s world, we are all connected. Every click, every call, every online chat is a threat in a huge web of communication.

But even within this network, there’s a challenge we all face: fraud. It’s out there, aiming to trick us and disrupt our digital lives.

In this episode, we take a look into fraud’s Impact on Digital Ecosystems and how we ensure proactive fraud prevention.

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BTS has presence and local representatives located in Miami, Singapore, Rome, Madrid, Zaragoza and Warsaw.

Miami, FL (USA)

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P +1 305 358 5850

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