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Managed Services

We enable our customers to focus on their core business more efficiently, allowing them to generate new revenue streams and address their daily challenges, while we take care of their connectivity and telecom related technological needs.

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Integrated Cloud #Numbering Intelligence

By building customized API functionalities, we provide ease of numbering management globally.

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Digital Voice

With top notch technology, the help of AI enabled processes, an ample IPX mesh, and global connectivity, BTS is your leading partner in the voice termination arena.

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A2P Delivery Intelligence

Direct coverage, Content and Delivery monitoring, Fraud Prevention, Scam Detection, and competitive rates are only some of the benefits that are brought to the table.

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Fraud Prevention

With over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, self-developed tools allow us to proactively monitor and prevent fraud instances in real time.

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The value of BTS

Start-up minded

We keep developing our technology to provide flexibility and making our customer’s demand come true.

Trusted partner

Huge conglomerates such as Softbank trust us to manage their business.

Global direct connectivity

Our global presence and networks put us at the helm of direct and super high-quality termination of all telecommunications services.

Boutique Powerhouse

With a sharp focus on developing customized solutions, we are small enough to move efficiently and big enough to have a global impact.

Commercial Leverage

With over 20-year voice wholesale experience, direct interconnection and advanced technology, we can aggregate more volumes than others, which enables us to provide competitive prices for customers.


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