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Inspire Inclusion: International Women’s Day 2024

Women are not new to telecommunications, in fact, this industry is unique because its development advanced through the work of women.

While historically this industry played an essential part in women’s liberation through their work, ongoing efforts to drive inclusion are vital for ensuring a thriving environment for women’s empowerment. This involves a shared commitment to amplify the voices of women and implement initiatives that provide them with equal opportunities for growth and success.

The journey starts by recognizing diversity as a fundamental strength and acknowledging its role in bringing richness to decision-making processes. 

How Are We Cultivating Inclusion Within Our Organizational Culture?

For starters, we’ve elevated the representation of women actively involved in industry bodies and pivotal decision-making platforms, entities that are amplifying their efforts in creating awareness but also leading the way in promoting diversity and inclusion.

An equally vital facet of empowering women’s leadership within both organizations and the industry lies in fostering mentorship for women. Recognizing the impact of guidance and support in career development and assigning mentors to aspiring women professionals, we aim to cultivate a culture where knowledge-sharing and skill development flourish.

The challenging yet essential task of restructuring governance and communication processes is a continuous process that involves dismantling traditional barriers and hierarchies. Our goal is to ensure that every team member, regardless of gender and background, enjoys an equal opportunity to contribute and be heard.

Voices from Within: BTS Women Share Their Perspectives on Inclusion Within Our Industry 

To gain insights into the experiences of women within the BTS team, we sat down to chat with Blanca Lasheras (Manager of Market Management), Camila Cirne (Product Owner), Mamen Perez (Chief Managed Service Officer), and Sara Ballarin (Customer Service Manager).

In this interview, the four talented women talked about what motivated them to enter this industry, their perspective on female representation in the telecommunications world, and the advice they would give to the new generations.

They also took the chance to highlight the work of other women across the industry, Katia Gonzalez, Laura Lacarra, and Eva María Jimenez, exemplary figures who have made significant contributions to shaping the industry landscape.

International Women’s Day serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing journey towards gender equality where efforts in driving inclusion serve to benefit the industry as a whole, paving the way for a future where diversity is not just an aspiration but an integral component of success.

Watch the full video to hear Blanca, Camila, Mamen, and Sara’s perspectives.