Last month, the BTS 2023 Sales Kick-Off unfolded in the picturesque town of Zaragoza, and we had the privilege of witnessing a global celebration of unity, diversity, and innovation. In a world that thrives on these values, it was inspiring to see the convergence of different nationalities and viewpoints under one roof. Our Sales Kick-Off event was more than just a gathering; it was a celebration of the core principles that define our company.

Embracing Diversity and a Global Vision

During these 2 days of intense workshops, speeches, and team-building activities we wanted to reinforce our strong commitment to a global perspective. Diversity is a wellspring of innovation, and from the Americas to Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, our team members brought their unique perspectives to the table. This diversity of thought is the strength that shows in our day-to-day operations.

Team Dedication and Alignment

The BTS team’s dedication and hard work have been instrumental in propelling us to new heights. One key takeaway was the remarkable alignment achieved between our sales and market management teams. In the dynamic international telecommunications industry, this cohesion is paramount. We’re not just prepared for new challenges; we’re excited to confront them united.

Commitment to Growth

With our focus on growth, BTS has seen a significant expansion in its workforce over the past two years. This growth has notably strengthened our sales and market management teams, as we’ve welcomed a wave of talented individuals who’ve quickly integrated and introduced fresh perspectives.

Our team composition reflects our long-standing presence and dedication, with many of our team members who have been with us for over a decade and industry seniors who have recently joined us, working hand in hand with a fresh wave of Gen Z talents. Their outstanding results, along with the integration of new faces, have played a pivotal role in driving substantial growth for both our company and our valued partners throughout this year.

Celebration of Unity, Purpose, and Ambition

Our Sales Kick-Off also marked an opportunity to celebrate the unity and shared purpose that define us as a business. It’s essential to recognize our position in the market and how we’re shaping the industry’s future. We are poised to lead and define the market, and our strategic vision reflects this.

Pushing Boundaries and Leading with Innovation

As we move forward, we continue to push boundaries, break barriers, and lead with innovation. These principles are at the core of who we are, and they will guide us as we navigate the exciting path ahead, powered by innovative technology that will drive our success in the digital age.

Agenda and Activities

The Sales Kick-Off agenda was designed to foster collaboration, teamwork, and knowledge sharing among our global team. It included:

  1. Welcome & Agenda Review: Setting the stage for an exciting week.
  2. Collaborative insights: Aligning our regional divisions to embrace a global outlook and unified efficiency.
  3. BTS Solutions Spotlight: Showcasing advancements and innovations in our solution suite.
  4. Strategic Positioning: A strategic look at our market positioning.
  5. BTS Group Partners Sessions: Insights from one of our remarkable partners, MedUX, a leader in the field of Internet Quality of Experience Testing and Monitoring.
  6. Motivational Chat: Inspiring perspectives and team building dynamics from motivational speaker Juan Ignacio Perez Martín, professor at ESIC Business and Marketing School.
  7. Bus Tour around Zaragoza: Exploring the beauty of our host city among colleagues.
  8. Group Dinners: Creating a friendly atmosphere at Restaurante Montal and Aura, building a sense of unity towards shared success.

These thoughtfully designed activities aimed to fortify our team’s unity, sharpen our industry vision, and transform our Sales Kick-Off from a meeting into a truly enriching experience for all participants. But most importantly, it was a fantastic time spent with friends.

Exciting times to be a part of the amazing #BTSteam!

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