*Translated from The Economist.

Aragon-based company, Hiberus, has reached a deal to acquire the majority of the technological company ‘Link‘ from the telecommunications giant BTS Group in a move to impulse their international expansion within a strategic operation that also comprehends the acquisition of Spain-based Trackglobe.

Headquartered in Zaragoza, Hiberus aims to integrate Link into its American operations while exploring new markets, like Ecuador and Colombia. The company envisions reaching 2,000 employees in the American continent within the next three years, constituting 30% of its workforce.

With a recent central office launch in Miami earlier this year, Hiberus has already established a significant presence in the Americas, catering to the United States and Latin America. Additionally, the company operates from multiple locations across the continent to better serve its expanding clientele.

In America, Hiberus has emerged as a pivotal provider of global services for major corporations, extending its expertise to sectors like banking.

This operation will also allow the Aragonese company to strengthen its structure and accelerate its operations in the American territory. According to Sergio López, CEO and founder of Hiberus, through this move “we are bringing to new regions our expertise in technological specialization areas where we have already established leadership in Spain, to contribute to global advancements in these fields.”

BTS Group, founded over 25 years ago, will maintain a stake in Link as a strategic partner. Its headquarters in Miami will facilitate contacts and synergies with large companies throughout the continent, in addition to reinforcing its operations. Currently, BTS Group is a global reference in technologies for the telecommunications sector.

In the past few years, Hiberus has experienced growth on both a national and international scale. With multiple offices and hubs in Spain, and a presence extending to various European countries and Morocco, the company has established a solid foundation. Notably, in the last year, Hiberus has significantly bolstered its presence and operations in the Americas.

Notably, Hiberus boasts 29 development hubs across Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Italy, Andorra, Morocco, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia. Focused on ICT, technological consulting, and digital transformation, the company employs over 2,500 professionals across more than 42 areas of expertise.