Reinforcing Leadership in Advanced Digital Solutions for Telcos

We are thrilled to announce that BTS won a MEFFYS 2023 award for Global Connectivity last week. This recognition underscores our commitment to advancing the digital ecosystem for telcos and enhancing connectivity through advanced digital solutions.

We are honored to receive this award and would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and dedicated team at BTS for their support and contributions to our success. This award validates our mission to empower telcos to offer the best-in-class services to their customers and continue to innovate in the digital landscape.

The MEFFYS awards recognize and applaud companies and individuals that have made a significant difference in the mobile ecosystem. We are proud to have been among those celebrated at this event.

Deliver the Enhanced Connectivity Experience

At BTS, we are committed to creating a digital ecosystem that enables telcos to deliver the Enhanced Connectivity experience to their clients. Our suite of advanced digital solutions targets critical issues such as A2P monetization, flash calling technology, and mobile identity intelligence, to name a few.

Our digital experience monitoring suite provides real-time KPIs for data download, package loss, and other metrics that contribute to user satisfaction. This comprehensive solution ensures that telcos can deliver an exceptional user experience at all times.

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