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RCS Services 

RCS Services

Rich Communications Services is a global initiative to deploy inter-operator services within an industry ecosystem. Created by the GSM Association (GSMA), RCS are designed to offer richer yet simpler communication services supported by a strong ecosystem and a variety of architecture implementation options.
RCS is based on the 3GPP IMS architecture and SIP protocol to establish communication signaling, routing and user interactive sessions where they exchange voice, IM and multimedia elements such as video.
RCS  have the same IP Multimedia Subsystem capabilities and share IMS with Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE).

BTS offers two  RCS products:

RCS Hosted Services, its a solution that does not require an IMS core
Its can be implemented in the same network operator, providing access to carriers, user control and reducing operational costs.

RCS Hubbing Services, its a solution that has been designed to  efficiently manage the rich communications of Global Carriers and Movile providers.
The great advantage invloves a single source platform, simplifying the architecture and minimizing the operational requirements of the network.