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Gateway Exchange Services – Outsourcing (Partial or Full)

BTS offers you the best service that allows you to interconnect computer networks different protocols and architectures at all levels of communication. Its purpose is to translate the protocol information used in an initial network, the protocol used in the destination network.

The gateway is usually a computer configured to provide machines on a local area network (LAN) connected to it access to an outside network, usually made to it you operations detraducción Network Address Network Address Translation (NAT). This ability to address translation allows applying a technique called IP masquerading (IP Masquerading), often used to provide Internet access to computers on a LAN to share a single Internet connection, and therefore a single external IP address.

BTS allows you to extend your business applications and services in the cloud, partner ecosystem, and mobile platforms through the management and implementation of policies such as security, limitation, transformation, routing and monitoring.


  • Enable new business models: Increase revenues from existing services through the associated ecosystems, and extend the presence of social platforms and mobile serving digital customers.
  • Deliver High performance: Accelerate performance edge services through load balancing, caching, and event-driven high-performance architecture.
  • Secure internal services of external exposure: Standardize authentication and authorization across the enterprise and through partners, and protect services of an attack by security policies, verification of messages, and the limit of adaptation.
  • Map of Business agreements enforceable policies to: The use of accelerators to enforce SLA services for consumers and monetize by measuring or charging systems integration.
  • Federate disparate enterprise applications: Unify cloud and mobile platforms through the aggregation of services, content-based routing, protocol bridging, mediation and light orchestration.
  • Onboard partners quickly: Create new channels with hot deployment partners, services and policies.

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