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Fraud & FAS Detection Services & SIM Blockage

Fraud Detection Services

Fraud losses as a percentage of global telecom revenues were estimated at 2.09% in 2013 by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), placing fraud losses in the global communications industry at $46.3 billion in 2013, up 15% from 2011.

Top 5 Fraud types affecting global revenues (Billions)

  • $6.11 – Roaming Fraud
  • $5.22 – Subscription Fraud
  • $4.42 – PBX Hacking
  • $3.62 – Account Take Over / Identity Theft
  • $3.62 – VoIP Hacking

It’s time to fight fraud… together

A Market Necessity


What carriers lost
to fraud last year

el ochenta y dos por ciento de fraude

Carriers say that
fraud has increased
in the recent years

  • Reduction in entry barriers for new players.
  • Financial Instability, impact on margins & quality of service.
  • Wholesale Fraud impacts existing business as well as growth prospects.
  • Lost of trust, credibility and the way of conducting business.

Top Fraud Types reported by Carriers

Rated in terms of relevance:   Top Fraud Types reported by Carriers 

Questions you should ask yourself:

  • Is my network susceptible to costly technical fraud attacks such as cloning and subscriber impersonation?
  • Is my network being bombarded by false answer supervision (FAS) calls?
  • What does it mean that my network has been flagged by watchdog groups as being insecure?
  • Is my network provisioned to sustain incidences of security breach?
  • How do I confirm the statements made by my technical team and consultants that the network is secure and protected from compromise?

Detection & Prevention Platform

BTS´ Fraud Detection Services provides operators a strategic advantage needed to stop mobile fraud. Our experience and proven results to stop SIM Box fraud and other mobile fraud techniques, has provided BTS with a sounding track record & experience for customers to realize the assurance of a secure network.

Operators worldwide are experiencing revenue loss, high customer churn and degraded customer quality of experience due to advances in mobile fraud. BTS’ platform combats the following fraud techniques:

  • SIM Box Elimination.
  • International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF).
  • Prepaid Charging Abuse.
  • Inter-Market Bypass Fraud.
  • Tromboning (Reverse Bypass Fraud).

These fraud actions decrease customer churn rate & generates immediate revenue increase when a fraud operation is shut down.

Security Services

Telecoms Fraud prevention services requires prior analysis to systematically monitor customer activity, business relationships and on-net transactions or processes. BTS is recognized worldwide for its leadership in the fight against fraud in the telecoms sector. Wherever BTS’s anti-fraud service has been implemented, the disconnection of fraudulent lines translates into an increase in the volume of legal calls and a subsequent increase in revenues for local operators and governments.

In a concise approach combining innovative detection technologies and multilateral collaboration, BTS’s Fraud Management Department works closely with all stakeholders to counter current and new fraudulent patterns.

Network Security Audit
  • Pattern analysis.
  • Risk Index creation.
  • Classification in traffic flows.
Real-Time Traffic Analysis
  • Call Batteries with intelligent routing.
  • CDR exchange program.
 SIMbox location


BTS has invested in Research and Development know-How in creating the preventive tools and services needed to identify and combat these fraudulent practices. The Network Security Audit helps Wholesale Fraud Managers to face the challenges including FAS (False Answer Supervision) Bypass, Arbitrage, Traffic Pumping, Tromboning and more. It also assists the Wholesale Fraud Management unit when handling disputes between carriers resulting from fraud which requires access to detail traffic information. Through BTS’s Network Security Audit, a process of non-intrusive auditing most of which is done without the need for MNO’s technical staff or facility access. BTS will review and analyze the customer’s network security profile. BTS will translate the complex technical data into clear business risk statements, enable the leadership team to make the appropriate business decisions and follow GSMA standard network security.

Phase 1:

Short Analysis
Short Analysis Initial Network Security Profile Assessment & Report.

Phase 2:

Connect with Network Department
Connect with Network Department Technical Review & Advanced Network Security Audit.

Phase 3:

Audits and Veifications
Audits and Veifications Verification Audit & Security Risk Mitigations.

World Leader in IT Solutions.

Can other companies offer you all these services?

Traffic Monitoring, Billing & Revenue Assurance, Quality of Service Measurement, Fraud Security, Interconnect Clearinghouses... BTS Does!

BTS´s Market Differentiators: 

  • Proven experience with PTTs, MO´s, MVNO´s and Carriers.
  • Development and customization of applications and technologies.
  • Projects delivered under a Build-Operate-Transfer Model.
  • Highly reliable and flexible partner.
  • Dedicated permanent local teams.
  • Local capabilities enhanced by BTS´ international resources.
  • Independent and neutrality based solution allows BTS to provide audit and monitoring services without any potential conflict of interest.

Innovative network applications and customized features from BTS have empowered our business.“Innovative network applications and customized features from BTS have empowered our business.”

Anti Fraud Services Presentation 2015


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