One-on-One client

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One-on-One client relationship

24/7 multilingual NOC and Customer Service
Work force is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.

Data Delivery

Evolution in data delivery

BTS Services – Dedicated Account Management.

Guaranteed delivery of messages within 15 seconds and no message loss.
Real-time delivery notifications of all messages.
Complete security and full control as all messages travel to their final destination on BTS hosted infrastructure from end-to-end.
Global coverage reaching more than 90% of mobile subscribers worldwide.
SLA’s measuring service performance indicators like delivery time and number of messages processed per second.
Customer Support 24/7/365

SMS MT – Key Features

Interface & API options

Message encoding:

  • Unicode, GSM7, ASCII, Latin-1, Binary supported. Concatenation:
  • For SMS messages longer than 160 characters, we’ll automatically split long messages into multiple SMS to ensure delivery.
Dynamic sender ID:
  • Specify the sender ID for each message (numeric, alphanumeric, or short code), and our network does the rest, identifying and adapting sender IDs for delivery.
Delivery reports:
  • Live delivery reports and advanced error codes available in our Customer Lounge.
  • Access via VPN or SSL—and send your messages via our protected mobile network powered by direct carrier connections.
Flexible retry
  • You decide when messages expire and pay for just one delivery. If the message can’t be delivered immediately (phones turned off or unreachable), message is queued for future delivery.
Number portability support
  • When users change their service providers—or are roaming—you’ll still reach them.


Send mass text messages to customers through our online SMS marketing software.


Let customers enter a contest directly from their mobile phones via text message.

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Let customers vote directly from their mobile phones via text message.

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Let customers get information from your business wherever, whenever with auto-replies.




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