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One-on-One client relationship

24/7 multilingual NOC and Customer Service
Work force is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.

For Wholesale & Carrier Services



Through the Wholesale / Carrier Services division, BTS provides an international network of direct routes with international operators and with capacity to terminate high-quality voice traffic. In 2014, BTS managed a volume of over 8 billion minutes.

With over 20 years in the Telecom Industry, BTS is a licensed operator in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Africa with more than 100 Direct links as part of its over 600 interconnections worldwide.

Ranked in the Top 15 in the Wholesale market offering its customers and suppliers the ability to effectively optimize their routing capabilities with its IPX and HD Enhanced Network.

BTS operates Hubs in Madrid, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, New York , Panama, Guatemala and in the  NAP of the Americas in Miami. BTS has over 150 employees located in offices in Miami, Madrid, Roma, Zaragoza, Sao Paulo, Guatemala city, Singapore y Doha.

The portfolio of services that BTS offers its customers includes:

  • Origination and Termination of Global Voice Traffic.
  • Design and Deployment of International Gateways.
  • Gateway Exchange Services – Outsourcing (Partial or Full)
  • IPX – HD Voice & Virtual Pop Services
  • Traffic Reporting Tools and Software Applications
  • Fraud & FAS Detection Services & SIM Blockage
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Prepaid Platform Services & Mobile Top Up
  • International traffic management for emerging telecommunications markets
  • RCS Hosted Services
  • RCS Hubbing Services
  • Optimization of costs through traffic exchange agreements. SLAs.
  • Call Center Services – Customized for Customer Requirements