BTS is a communications company with over 25 years of experience in the global voice wholesale market, carrying 12 billion minutes a year. Over the past decade, BTS has focused on innovation by expanding its portfolio with managed services, that allow customers to run their businesses more efficiently, generate new sources of revenue, and to address their core business challenges, including efficient capital allocation and technology transformation.

"Technology Solutions Partner addressing the evolving telecom market"

01 Digital Voice

BTS Network consists of 600 CLI-certified routes to cover more than 200 countries around the world, allowing us to control quality, coverage and cost. Our innovative VoIPX solution enables customers to combine Voice, IP and mobile data services over the same access point and high quality IPX network.

The BTS’s voice network supports large volume VoIP, VoIPX and TDM interconnects, combining modern and legacy infrastructure seamlessly around the world. The network is monitored 24/7 with state-of-the art routing tools and backed up by award winning customer care.

Voice solutions with customized voice quality service levels:

·PLATINUM, the best call quality

·GOLD, balance quality and cost objectives

·SILVER, reliable and affordable call termination

Additionally, we provide a wide range of partnership services model, ranging from complete managed services to attend a specific requirement of capabilities, to solve business challenges of our customers.

"We are committed to provide the best solutions to ensure the best quality to price ratio in the wholesale market"

02 SMS

Our SMS network offers global quality coverage and competitive pricing in more than 800 networks over 170 countries with Direct Termination.

What are the features of our SMS platform?

· Guaranteed delivery of messages within 15 seconds and no message loss.

· Real-time delivery notifications of all messages.

· Complete security and full control as all messages travel to their final destination on BTS hosted infrastructure from end-to-end.

· SLA’s measuring service performance indicators like delivery time and number of messages processed per second.

"Increase revenue opportunities and monetize the growing A2P Market"

03 Antifraud

Our antifraud solution allows us to identify, control and mitigate revenue loss due to fraudulent activity on the networks.

Our system uses machine learning to determine “usual” traffic patterns/behaviours and adjusts in real-time. CDR’s are mediated and the system runs every 15 minutes (rule-based limits, traffic patterns control, user behaviour analysis, etc.).

BTS fraud solution combines early detection and real-time blocking of traffic coming from suspicious B numbers, based on predefined metrics:

Detailed analysis of individuals CDRs, A/B number calling patterns, quality KPIs evolution & cross-check with other carriers, short calls & very low/high ASR/ACD, revenue from client higher than usual, traffic spikes at unusual times/days, intelligent escalation, etc.

"Our solution consists of four components: blocking, alerting, reporting, and evolving"

04 Routing Optimization

BTS uses an intuitive, simple, and complete solution that allows our team and our customers to minimize time spent on back-end processing, in order to focus on increasing sales, customer satisfaction and retention.

This tool allows the user to configure, operate and maintain routing tables, and supports the creation of operation and maintenance routines to simplify decision-making processes.

Our approach is an easier path forward that eliminates CAPEX, reduces operating expenditures, mitigates platform obsolescence, and drives growth by bringing in new services rapidly, delivering an easy-to-manage solution.

"Improve yor profitability in real time to meet the business demands"

05 Telecom Data Analytics

BTS provides access to a robust and agnostic solution, that allows Telecom operators to make Quality of Experience decisions, in determining billing measures, and settlement management criteria, to enhance the overseeing of their international voice traffic.

The service monitors and analyzes the individual user experience of media enabling carriers to take timely action to resolve issues that impact the user across devices, subscriptions, services and network resources.

Telecom operators can optimize their revenue streams using insight network data by implementing real-time processing by collecting, correlating and analysing data, from all parts of the network.

"BTS provides and end-to-end solution for Quality of Experience and Billing assurance"

06 Client Interactive Marketing Center

Our Group owns Latin America’s major Contact Center, based in Ecuador, with more than 3.000 operators in Quito and Guayaquil since 2001. Market leader and preferred by telecommunication, bank, and insurance companies, to bring the best customer experience to their clients.

We provide services for inbound and outbound telemarketing campaigns, sales support, customer services, and post-sales activities. Our Brand Specialists represent your brand with a level of knowledge and enthusiasm, that results in higher customer service scores, better conversion rates, and higher average order value.

We own an advanced platform equipped with cutting-edge technology, and highly trained personnel connect customers in real time.

"All services are customized and personalized based on each customer’s requirements"