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One-on-One client relationship

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Unlimited Calling Plans

Calling Plans

With the BTS Unlimited Calling Plan Service your customers are able to communicate directly from their phones with more than 65 countries.

The plan is designed according to user needs. It allows your customers to call globally at competitive rates.

The unlimited calling plan is an innovative tool and that has expanded rapidly in which ever country where it has been launched.


  • Launch the International Calling Plans for residential users of fixed and mobile networks.
  • Offer a wide range of options to meet your customer requirements (Custom Plans).
  • Introduce in the market a product with excellent quality, easy to use and at competitive pricing.
  • Encourage customers to make calls internationally instead of waiting for someone to call them.
  • Your innovative offering product will stand out in your market as unique.

Unlimited Calling Plan Presentation

Unlimited Calling Plan Presentation



  • Unlimited calling plan (fixed & mobile networks) in 65+ countries
    and destinations - All at no extra charge.
  • Customized plans according to target customer and market price.

The plans are personal, not commercial

  • Qualifying service required.
  • BTS reserves the right to change countries and destinations.
  • Consumption is reviewed and the conditions can be modified
    when consumption exceeds 1.500 minutes.
  • The duration of the plans is 30 days.

  • Unlimited calling to mobile numbers in 10 countries and unlimited calling to fix lines in 65+ countries.
  • Covering 8 out of 10 most important LDI market countries.


  • A platform interconnection between BTS and the client is required to
    manage, operate and control the LDI services.
  • Through a web page access our customer service team will create the
    service plan offered to the user.
  • When the customer wants to make a call to the group of destinations
    included in the plan, all they need to do is dial the client standard
    international code.
  • The platform receives the call and identifies the user within the plan.
  • Once authentication has been verify, the platform connects the call
    with the dialled destination.
  • One user can have one only single plan.

  • AT&T mobile network generates the biggest traffic with international calling plans. AT&T offers international calling plans from the U.S. to more than 100 countries, including Mexico and Canada.
  • Vonage reached 1 billion dollars in sales in 2014 thanks their unlimited international calls strategic plan.
  • Metro PCS is now the 5th operator in the US market based on a strategy of focusing on International Long Distance



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