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One-on-One client relationship

24/7 multilingual NOC and Customer Service
Work force is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.


Service Video

Real-time video infrastructure and SDKs
Create rich multi-party video experiences in mobile and web apps. Powered by global cloud infrastructure. Pricing for video in every app


Provides multi-party authentication, registration and signaling, which can orchestrate up to 4-way calling using peer to peer mesh topology, across any combination of supported devices. Calls can be video or voice only.

Built on WebRTC, ensuring cross-platform support and interoperability. Access is always available to the underlying WebRTC primitives, and the DataChannel can be used for context transfer between devices, even on mobile.

Registration and Signaling capabilities are designed to scale elastically as load increases. Combined with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Built on the same signaling infrastructure which handles billions of minutes of BTS traffic, the Video service is geographically distributed for redundancy and uptime guarantees.

Video. Real-time video infrastructure and SDKs

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