One-on-One client

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One-on-One client relationship

24/7 multilingual NOC and Customer Service
Work force is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.

Platinum Routes


We understand how important it is for your end users to be able to identify who is calling them.

applicable and activated, the network provides the called party with the number of the calling party at call set-up on all incoming calls.

At BTS we understand your business.

  • For customers requiring the best retail QoS using direct routes with CLI guarantee.
  • Routing.
    • Routing is 100% managed by the Traffic Management team.
    • Quality based algorithm routing (Direct, Direct to Mobile or Tier 1 suppliers).
    • Continuous performance monitorization.
  • Special features.
    • CLI & Fax guarantee.
    • Roaming ranges guarantee.
  • Service.
    • 24/7 trouble ticket intake.
    • Restoration within 2 hours.
  • SLA Performance Commitment.
  • Target Market: Tier 1 / Mobile Operators / OTTs / Cable Operators / RSP



Platinum Routes

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