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In a changing world where customers want new and better services to be delivered in a converged and commercially integrated way, it is imperative to adapt and align inter operator solutions to enable IPX centric services.

When it comes to Packet Voice Interworking services, IPX Voice offers direct:
  •  low latency,
  • stable routing,
  • and full service transparency combined with a new and future proof business model.


BTS IPX Voice supports your business requirements in a fundamentally different and new environment, both technically and commercially.

BTS is an associated member of i3Forum, a group of 48 international carriers joined together in a unified effort to expedite global IP-based voice implementation to enhance the way we communicate.

IPX is the path forward, it is a vehicle to promote IP and the evolving new services and is transforming the industry in multiple ways beyond changes in technology.

BTS is currently connected via IPX with BT and BICs and is in the process of establishing an IPX interconnection with ibasis, Telenor, Tata and TIS.

Please contact us for more information about IPX can help you integrate VoIP to traditional voice services.

BTS IPX Presentation 2016

IPX our new digital service


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