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HD Voice

A free service that lets you talk to your family without noise disturbance.

Say goodbye to “speak louder” or “I can not hear, the music is very high” or “please excuse me, a motorcycle was making noice ..”

Now, when you talk on the phone, It will be like having the other person just by your side without interference.

HD Voice Service increases the frequency of your phone microphone makes voice heard more clearly in noisy places.

No data needed, nor download or activate anything. It is a technology that is already built into many mobiles and activated by default on calls between customers BTS.

With the deployment of 4G and upgrades of 3G networks, next generation mobile IP communications services such as HD Voice are gaining value in the market.

BTS is offering HD Voice on its global IPX platform.

BTS currently supports Opus and G. 722 AMR-WB bitrate codecs for HD voice. Opus is the audio codec compression that OTTs like Skype are using for HD.

BTS has moved forward with HD voice transcoding, thus enabling transcoding between different HD and narrow band codecs.

BTS has successfully tested HD voice interoperability with British Telecom, BICs and we are in the process of HD interconnection with Tata, DT, Orange and others.

HD Voice

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