Last week, our executive team and strategic advisors met at BTS HQ in Miami to debrief ITW and follow up on the 2024 roadmap.

The conversations revolved around the increasing relevance of the voice business during ITW, with other solutions like IoT experiencing a slowdown in the monetization process.

High specialization allows us to continue growing at a steady pace in our core business, digital voice. The digital voice market keeps challenging its players with decreasing billable traffic volumes year over year (YoY.) Expertise and innovation, values embedded in culture, are required to optimize and manage an increasingly diverse traffic volume.
Beyond voice, the industry is facing bigger challenges, uniting forces to combat messaging fraud. Performing as a key tool for MNOs to prevent and combat fraud, the BTS A2P Firewall is also helping us tackle other market challenges, like flash call detection and monetization.

On cloud numbering, BTS has surpassed expectations and already ranks as our third business line in profitability.
Adaptability, agility, and a dedicated development team are crucial to our strategy.

Our US domestic termination team, under the leadership of John Belanger, has also made important progress. It has been growing steadily and has become a significant source of revenue for our business line.

Headed this week to Japan for our C-Suite visit to our Japanese partners. More updates to come!