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  Press Release         BTS joins the GLF’s Communications Blockchain Network     Miami, FL, 2nd October 2019 /   Business Telecommunications Services (BTS), today announced that it is joining the Communications Blockchain Network (CBN), an initiative launched by ITW Global Leaders’ Forum (GLF), with the intention to support the development of

BTS joins Hyperledger

Sunday, 20 August 2017 by

BTS takes another step towards offering a global transaction service for telecom operators worldwide by joining the Hyperledger Project. Based on blockchain technology and with an open architecture and design process, Hyperledger promises to dramatically change the way transactions are exchanged between parties and to increase the speed in which new business relationships and models may be implemented.

As the owner of a mid-sized business, your main goals are probably strongly related to growing your business while keeping your profits intact. Marketing a business in the 21st century means doing a mix of online and offline practices that could reach your targeted audience through a means of different modern-day channels. Hiring new employees

I3Forum Board Meeting 26 & 27 June 2017 organized by BTS BTS – Business Telecommunications Services is pleased to cordially inform you that we have organized the i3 Forum Board Meeting the week of June 26-27 in Rome, Italy. Venue: Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress & SPA. Piazza Ippolito Nievo, 25, 00153 Roma.  

BTS – Business Telecommunications Services, one of the most advanced international carriers and SoftBank Corp, the global leader in technology and communications, are pleased to announce a Joint Venture Agreement for the establishment of the new entity “S and BTS Global Corp” based in Tokyo, Japan. The new company will combine the complementary strengths of

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Today’s telecommunication is a growing arena of new resources and solutions that use technological means and web-based software and programs. In the course of time, telecommunication systems have been changing and improving over and over. Although advanced telecommunication systems use satellites and other technologies, a few basic units still represent the heart of all telecommunication

Communication is our number one specialty, and we have put a lot of time and effort into becoming masters of our domain. We know effective communication starts with knowing the audience. Figure out whom you are addressing and what are the wants, needs, interests and details that might light their fire. Secondly, find ways to

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In the entire world each day thousands people log in to their casino account in order to play their favorite games or to simply have a look at the new casino promotions. Online casinos are some of the most targeted websites in the internet, not only for entertainment but also because today’s casinos are even

The importance of customer support services for online casinos cannot be highlighted enough. With brand new casinos being released to the passionate gambling public, it may be more difficult to stick your head out of the crowd and attract new players to your side of the court. Unless you are ready to offer some unique