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24/7 multilingual NOC and Customer Service
Work force is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian, Chinese and Arabic.
With Over 20 Years of Experience IN THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS MARKET.

With Over 20 Years of Experience


About BTS

All About BTS – BTS is one of the Top Worldwide

Business Telecommunications Services (BTS) is one of the Top Worldwide Wholesale and Retail Telecom Carriers with over 20 years in the Telecom Industry, our network manages almost 8 billion minutes globally.

BTS is a licensed operator in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Africa with more than 100 Direct links as part of its over 600 interconnections worldwide.

Ranked in the Top 15 in the Wholesale market offering its customers and suppliers the ability to effectively optimize their routing capabilities with its IPX and HD Enhanced Network

BTS operates Hubs in Madrid, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, New York , Panama, Guatemala and in the  NAP of the Americas in Miami. BTS has over 150 employees located in offices in Miami, Madrid, Roma, Zaragoza, Sao Paolo, Guatemala, Singapore, Warsaw and Buenos Aires.

BTS’ sophisticated NOC facilities located in 2 continents provide supervision and monitoring of the network in real time in order to guarantee the level of quality . It is equiped with the latest state of the art interactive tools and software to provide 24 by 7 Network control, supervision and coverage.

BTS has created a Traffic Management Team that works closely with the Network Team to ensure the effective optimization of the routing capabilities for customers and suppliers.

Since its founding, BTS has received the recognition of its peers, which has helped it to play a key role in the development of communications on an international level, also we are members of i3 Forum and GBET Association.

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Ricardo OlloquiPresident & Co-Founder
“Global Telecom business has changed since the founding of BTS over 20 years ago. History continues to repeat itself where quality products, premium services and innovative thinking never seems to go out of fashion. Following this focused approach, we have steadily gained global market share while simultaneously diversifying our product portfolio to meet the changing needs of our clients. It has been a great journey so far, but it’s only just the beginning.“